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Niagara Falls NY Chamber of Commerce Inc.

Niagara Falls New York Chamber of Commerce Inc. mission is to engage our members in the pursuit of excellence and economic growth by fostering an innovative business environment, integrating young professionals through alliances with local universities and creating a world-class community.

Niagara Falls New York Chamber of Commerce Inc. is a collaboration of business, industrial and civic leaders. The purpose of these entities is to stimulate the growth of our business environment by operating collectively to address the fundamental needs and challenges of our local businesses.

We will accomplish these things while striving to enhance the quality of life in our community and to induce economic growth. We will achieve this by developing a robust marketing plan with specific programs and projects designed to bolster and enhance our businesses while helping to attract new businesses and developers to our community.

We must infuse the area with new and creative ideas manifesting from our youth and professionals. Retaining the young talent in the area will help put Niagara Falls on the map as a major business oriented metropolis.

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